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March 6, 2020
From the Fund

What if the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, investors, and product visionaries held office hours just for student founders?

What would you ask?

What stories would they tell?

What skills, tactics, and lessons would builders of products with millions of users and companies with billions of dollars in revenue teach the next generation of game-changers? 

We had the same questions. So we asked them. 

Introducing Office Hours, a podcast built by Dorm Room Fund to help the world’s best student entrepreneurs win.


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What can the founder of Business Insider tell you about building a media empire?

What advice does the CEO of Rockets of Awesome have for students building the next great apparel brand?

What did skepticism of college textbook answers teach the co-founder of MongoDB about building a category-defining company? 

Subscribe to Office Hours for these answers and more. 

Happy listening, 

-The Dorm Room Fund Team 

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