Student Founders, Your New Favorite Newsletter Is Here

February 27, 2020
From the Fund

Dear student founders,

This is for you.

You’ve put in the work, shipped product at 3:00 AM, skipped class for investor meetings, built a team, fought for your first user, fought for your next user. You saw what the world needed and you made it happen. 

We think it’s time someone made something for you. 

Introducing The Syllabus, a newsletter by Dorm Room Fund, for, about, and celebrating student founders. 

Subscribe to The Syllabus here

Do you have time for yet another newsletter? Probably not. So here’s our promise: 

No fluff, no VC humblebrags, no generic news that you’ve already read, just real, valuable info to help student founders win (plus exclusive insights into who and what the Dorm Room Fund community is all about). 

Check out The Syllabus and let us know what you like, what you don’t, and anything else you want to see! 

After all, student founders, this for you. 

-The Dorm Room Fund Community


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